Saturday, April 7, 2012

Flipboard for Mac or PC - Alternatives

If you own an iPad or an iPhone, there's a good chance that you've heard of the app called Flipboard.

Flipboard presents your social and RSS feeds in a beautiful magazine style layout which is easy to navigate between pages swiping gesture.  With account integration including Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader, it's no surprise that it has become one of the more popular apps available on the App market today.

However this popularity has caused an increased demand for a Flipboard for Mac or a Flipboard for PC version.  The company has acknowledged this demand, giving the following statement:

"We definitely believe the desktop is part of our future, but it's still on the whiteboard and not something we are launching soon. The desktop requires a lot of attention to design and UI and we'd like to take the time to get it right."

I have also found confirmation from an employee via their Support Forum that they are going to look into a PC version as well as a web app which is compatible with multiple hardware platforms and operating systems.

Until that becomes a reality, we are stuck with finding alternatives to Flipboard for Mac.  Below you will find a solid list of useful RSS readers and other magazine style apps which will suffice until an official Flipboard version is released.

Google Reader

Google Reader does a nice job accumulating your feeds from across the web into an easy to use interface.  It may not be as elegant as Flipboard however I have been a user for several years and their most recent UI update was very well designed.


Feedly is another web-based app which you may sync with your Google Reader account.  The layout of Feedly is slightly more clear and straightforward compared to it's competitors which many of its users find appealing.

Ride Surfboard is a pretty cool service which allows you to plug in a URL, and it presents all the articles from that URL into a magazine style layout with pages.  This web app uses HTML 5 and CSS3 technology, so you want to be sure to use a modern and updated browser when you view this site - preferably Safari or Chrome.

This is another cool Social Reader, which finds links shared through friends on your Twitter account and builds these articles into a newspaper style layout.  If you have a professional Twitter account, this is a great way to see important industry news at a glance.

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