Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How Google Works

Millions of people a day go to Google.com and type in something of relevance to them.

They may be searching for music videos, finding a local plumber or researching new cars; however most everyone takes this commodity for granted.  But for those curious folks out there, have you ever wondered how Google sifts through billions of documents to find the 10 best for any search term you can throw its way?

While it probably would take a few days to truly comprehend the phenomenal amount of data crunching that is necessary to do this in under a second, long-time Google employee Matt Cutts attempts to break it down and give you a brief history of Google search in under 8 minutes!

Check out his video below:

Anyone who deals with websites understands how important Google search can be to their marketing plans, and if there's anything that Matt Cutts stresses, it is that quality content is the number one factor for succeeding long-term with Google.

When you build quality content for your readers and develop an audience, Google begins to take notice and that is when you start to see your traffic increase.

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