Friday, April 6, 2012

Top 6 Productivity Apps for iPhone

The iPhone is an amazing device when you think about the multitude of ways it can help people run their businesses more efficiently.

Unless you are coding or doing graphic design work where you need a computer, an iPhone along with its plethora of apps is likely all you need get the job done from anywhere in the country.  With this entrepreneurial spirit in mind, let's highlight some of the more useful productivity apps available on the App Store.


As much as I like Apple products, I still have an overwhelming affection for many of Google's services. The main reason I was hesitant to switch to an iPhone was the lack of a native app, but I am happy to say that since downloading the new Gmail app everything has been running smoothly with my daily communications.


Dropbox is and incredibly easy to use file syncing app which works across multiple platforms.  Every free user gets 2GB of storage and can obtain more by referring friends or upgrading to a Pro account.

This app on all of my devices gives me incredible flexibility when I need to access important business files away from the office.  In addition it has provided me another layer of backup for all my important files between my main PC and my MacBook Pro.


If you own a website or run a blog, then you need to download the WordPress app today.  While you won't find every feature on the web-based administrative panel, it gives you a simple way to edit content or interact with your audience while you can be by your computer.

There is also built in support for multiple accounts if you run several websites.


If you love gathering news feeds from across the web for personalized articles to keep you in the loop of your industry, there is no better app than Flipboard.  The main reason that I chose Flipboard was because of the Google Reader integration, and since installing it I have not looked back once.  The app also features Twitter integration so you can read your feeds and tweets in the same place!


The LogMeIn service allows you to log in and control a remote computer from anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet. Not only is this helpful for your own computers, but if you have any clients that need computer work it is a great way to save a trip to their office.

You would think it might be difficult to control your computer from an iPhone given the lack of screen space, but the developers have done quite a nice job to include a good amount of touch functionality along with a very crisp screen display to make the transition as seamless as possible.


I know there is a lot of fuss about the new and cool to-do list app called Clear, but I am quite happy with GoTasks - and mostly, again, because of how friendly it is with Google Tasks integration!  While I am working on my computer I like to leave a tab open with Gmail and daily tasks, and now I can update these while I'm on the road.  While the graphical interface is not as fancy as Clear or other apps, it is minimalistic and very intuitive.

These are the apps that I live and die by on a daily basis - but what about you?  If you have any productivity apps that make your life easier, post them in the comments below!

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