Friday, April 6, 2012

iPhone 5 Release Date

UPDATE - 4/9

An employee at Foxconn is now refuting this previous report, saying that they did just receive an order but they are not going to be out until Fall of 2012 - which is what most industry insiders expected as the likely date.

Several rumors are swirling around the computer world that the new iPhone 5 is going to be released sometime this summer.

With close to 20,000 jobs opening in China for electronics manufacturing, you might say that where there is smoke there is sure to be fire.

No official announcements from Apple have been made, however there is wide speculation regarding the upgrades and features that we are likely to see with the iPhone model.  Some people even believe that the manufacturing is not for the iPhone, but instead of for a Mini iPad.

Our bet is on the iPhone, and I anticipate that it will come with a wide variety of updates to appease the masses who did not think the iPhone 4S brought enough features to warrant a release event.

Regardless of the stealthy route that Apple has decided to take, one thing is for sure -- when the product is released it will be followed by mass hysteria around the globe!

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